Thursday, October 09, 2008

It Wants to Begin

And by “it” I mean Britney Spears’ comeback.

The pop tart will premiere her new “Womanizer” video – which is full of “erotic” choreography according to – on ABC’s 20/20 tonight.

Which of the video’s looks (seen at right) do you like best? (I for one am feeling the leather.)

“Womanizer” hit airwaves last month. It’s the first single off Spear’s Dec. 2 album, Circus. And like most of the entries in her repertoire, it’s shticky, forgettable, yet thoroughly catchy.


Update 1:
In an interview with MTV News set to air on Nov. 30, La Spears wonders, “What the hell was I thinking?” regarding her behavior, her career, heck, her life in the last few years.

Note to self: Must TiVo Britney: For the Record.

Update 2:
Britney’s back, y’all. The “Womanizer” video proves it. Videos are a dying breed, but this one’s sexy – she’s naked in it! there’s a hunk in it – and effective. Keep it up, Brit!

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