Saturday, October 01, 2016

She Shoots

Angelina Jolie may have skipped Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express, but, don’t worry, girlfriend’s gonna be just fine.

That’s because the Oscar-winning actress is getting back into the action game.

No, Salt II: Even Saltier isn’t happening (yet).

La Jolie is simply circling the lead role in the adaptation of the memoir Shoot Like a Girl: How One Woman’s War Against the Taliban Led to Her Victory Over the Department of Defense, by Mary Jennings Hegar. An Air Force major who received the Purple Heart after she completed a mission to save three Americans, and her own team, in Afghanistan (during one of her three tours out there), this in spite of having gotten her chopper shot down by the Taliban, not to mention injured, Hegar – the sixth woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross – later took the DOD to court, to wage a fight against the Combat Exclusion Policy. The rule kept women from direct combat, and as result of Hegar’s suit, the policy was deemed unconstitutional, which led to its repeal.

Shoot Like a Girl will be published early next summer.


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