Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Zelda, Too

Oh snap, Jennifer Lawrence: Scarlett Johansson is doing it, too.

No, not modeling for Dior in her spare time – the Black Widow player is now an actual Parisian-popcorn-shop business onwer off camera. So rest easy, you Oscar-winning model!

“Dont Call Me ScarJo” is actually also working on a biopic about Zelda Fitzgerald!

The Johansson-led, Fitzgerald estate-sanctioned project, though, will be titled The Beautiful and the Damned (J. Laws Ron Howard-steered film is expected to go simply by Zelda). Its basis, as you likely have surmised, will be Zelda Fitzgerald’s husband F. Scott’s eponymous novel, which was inspired by his marriage to the so-called first American Flapper.

So that makes two – two! – Zelda Fitzgerald biopics in the works, 0 Madam C. J. Walker biopics in the works.

Get it together, Hollywood.

Photo: Mashable.com.

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