Friday, October 21, 2016

It’s Showtime for Madonna

Guess I was onto something when I chose MadonnaRebel Heart as the Song of 2015, huh.

The Queen of Pop is among the hit-writing artists nominated to the 2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame, alongside an old collaborator, Babyface, Jay Z, Max Martin (Britney Spears’ go-to guy), Bryan Adams, George Michael, and Kool & the Gang, among others.

M FTW, though! Especially since she was previously nominated in 2013

So sit down, Lady GaGa. (There we were, doing so well for a bit, she and I....)

For someone so intent on standing apart from Madonna – btw, you know the Queen does write her own songs, alone or with collaborators (always has, always will), that is, of course, when she doesn’t quote-unquote take one from another artist, like Björk (who co-wrote “Bedtime Story with two other talents), y’ know, just like just about everyone under the sun does – Mother Monster sure was happy to step on her elder a few days ago, to build herself up...and on the week her new record was due, no less.


But back to Madonna.

Her latest tour doc, Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour will premiere on Showtime on Dec. 9 – on the same night M will be honored as the Woman of the Year at the 11th annual Billboard Women in Music event in New York City.

Check out the trailer for the televised tour now.

All together now: Long live the Queen of Pop!

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