Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Man Behind the Wonder

Well. Wonder Woman is finally having her moment.

Must be the Hillary in the 2016 air.

Aside from the upcoming summer-2017 blockbuster superhero tentpole starring Gal Gadot we’re getting, Hollywood is getting ready to treat us to more Wonder Woman. Specifically speaking, to the story behind the character – that of her creator and the women who inspired her awesomeness – via an indie titled Professor Marston & The Wonder Women written and helmed by D.E.B.S.’s Angela Robinson that Jill Soloway (Amazon’s Transparent) is executive producing.

The Girl on the Train’s Luke Evans will portray 1950s Harvard psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston in the project. He was the inventor of the lie detector and the secretive creator of Wonder Woman, whom he modeled after his wife Elizabeth and their young lover Olive Byrne.

ChristineRebecca Hall and Fifty Shades Darker’s Bella Heathcote have been tapped for the roles of Elizabeth and Olive, respectively.

Given the nature of the trio’s relationship, you know there was a constant power struggle there – one that clearly made for a fascinating and fascinatingly surprisingly feminist creation.

Photo: DailyVulture.com.

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