Monday, October 03, 2016

Robbed Kardashian

Talk about frightening.

Normally, one must admit that, because people are horrible now, a situation in which Kim Kardashian is said to have been gagged and bound by several men, that that particular scenario would elicit a laugh and, maybe, even some cheers.

This is real life, though, and this is absolutely no joke.

After an already eventful Paris Fashion Week, La Kardashian reportedly was robbed a gunpoint in Paris early this morning. Five unidentified masked and armed men wearing police jackets, no less, are said to have entered her private apartment at the No Address Hotel in the wee hours of the morning, tied her up, and left her locked her in the bathroom, before making out with $10 million in jewelry, her purse, two cell phones, and about 1,000 euro.

OMG, can you imagine? Thank goodness nothing else happened to the woman.

Of course, the question that comes to mind is where was her own private security (we all know she has it)? It sounds like K2 was alone at traumatic-experience o’clock. Indeed, her children were not involved in the ordeal, and neither was Kanye West, who was performing in Queens, New York, nor any other member of her famous family. The robbers evidently gained access to the multi-hyphenate after overpowering the building’s concierge and forcing him to lead them to Kardashian.

Kardashian, who had to free herself from her bindings, peaced outta the City of Lights on a private jet immediately after giving her statement to investigators.

Serious, scary stuff (#dontlaugh).


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