Friday, October 14, 2016

He’s the Puck

Look who has found a cool gig thanks to Shakespeare!

Dominc Monaghan (BBC America’s Wild Things with Dominic MonaghanTV’s Lost) has landed a key role on this in-the-works modern-day psychological-thriller anthology take on The Bard’s comedic Midsummer Night’s Dream, appropriately titled A Midsummer’s Nightmare, that Lifetime is prepping.

The actor will play Mike Puck, the (benevolent) owner of the Dreamland Retreat, who welcomes four young lovers wanting to venture into the woods to pursue their romantic desires – and do some ayahuasca or som’in (how much you wanna bet!). The drama of it all will come when the group encounters terrifying forces lurking within their dream landscape – forces that target them using young’uns own fantasies and darkest secrets against them.

Spooky stuff.

Hope this hits for the guy. It’s been a looong minute since I last saw him act, and Lifetime sure is up to some interesting, viewer-grabbing s---. So here’s to hoping.


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