Monday, August 15, 2011

Bow, Bee-yotches. Bow!

Well, if there ever was an occasion for a
Holiday” I’d say the time is right now, so let’s have us a Celebration in honor of the one and only Queen of Pop, Madonna.

Really, if you only have 4 Minutes” to honor her, then join me.

Like a Ray of Light,” she came into the world 53 years ago.

Seriously, right! (Yeah, I am so completely serious with where I am going with this one.)

When she first busted onto the music scene more than two decades ago, we believed it when she told Everybody,” in no uncertain words, that she would rule the world. You know, ’cause she...uh...actually said as much.

That’s the kind of attitude that made her a star.

Later, she drove her point across Deeper and Deeper when she reminded us that, indeed, her Music” makes the people come together. By then, we were Hung Up” on her, and there’s no denying it.

Dont Tell Me otherwise. You know she’s still Causing a Commotion.

It’s no Secret that I’m an M fan and then some. She’s the real thing...True Blue,” y’ know, and, baby, I love her.

So dont ask yourself Wheres the Party” because if youve got her in your life, then you know if you Express Yourself” the funsies will be there. Youll See.” That’s one of the many things the erstwhile Material Girl has taught us.

Another: to keep our eyebrows under control.

So today I say Happy Birthday, Madonna I’m forever Crazy for You.

Photo: Jacober + Associates.

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lulu said...

Awesome image! How can I get the rights to for a shirt or a sticker?