Thursday, July 07, 2016

Questioning Those 208 Seconds

Tales of heroics are swell.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of what follows – of what comes after an act so bold it singularly is credited with the saving of lives.

Clint Eastwood’s upcoming Sully will do just that: examine the frenzied aftermath – thanks, media! – of 2009’s Miracle on the Hudson,” the defining moment of Capt. Chesley Sully Sullenberger’s career in aviation.

Co-starring Aaron Eckhart as Sullenberger’s first officer and co-pilot that fateful day, Laura Linney as the captain’s wife, Anna Gunn (AMC’s Breaking Bad), and Mike O’Malley (TV’s Glee), the Tom-Hanks toplined Sully is due out on Sept. 9.

Here’s the trailer.


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