Thursday, July 14, 2016

For the Brotherhood

Nick Jonas turned out to be a stealth agent.

Dude got hella hot right before our eyes, in seamless fashion (for health reasons, but still...). He also went and earned his acting bona fides with DirecTV’s Kingdom. And he emerged as such a pop prince to be reckoned with while Justin Timberlake tended to fatherhood and singing for Trolls.

Speaking of his acting, earlier this year, at the Sundance Film Festival, Jonas was showered with accolades thanks to his turn in the upcoming indie Goat, as the brother of a 19-year-old assault victim (Pride’s Ben Schnetzer) who pledges into the same fraternity only to be tested in brutal fashion. As a result, the boy’s relationship to his older brother is challenged as well.

James Franco co-stars – so you know you’re in for a bit of a wild ride (he – natch – also produced the project, which is based on the 2004 memoir by Brad Land, whom Schnetzer portrays).

Check out the film’s trailer now.

Goat is set to arrive in select theaters on Sept. 23. The film also will be available digitally and On Demand.


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