Sunday, July 03, 2016

Him as He-Man?

Kellan Lutz as He-Man?

Yeah, I can see that happening, on a purely physical level – but there’s a reason why this guy (who is super nice and obviously devoted to working on his muscles for parts) hasn’t winningly booked another high-profile role since The Twilight Saga. I mean, The Legend of Hercules two years ago was not all that.

The truth is bf’s just a tad...wooden.

The actor may have met last month with the creatives behind the forthcoming Masters of the Universe movie, a much-anticipated project that will need an actor better than a B-Lister to transcend its cheesiness, youknowwhatImean. But I just don’t see it.

I wish Lutz nothing but the best. I enjoy him.

Masters of the Universe would dominate him, though. And not in the good way.


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