Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Matt Damon: In Something, Not In Something Else

The war between film and TV rages on.

OK, so there’s no actual war of the sort going on, but let’s go with it because it helps illustrate the current tug for the talents of one Mr. Matt Damon.

The Hereafter star
reportedly will not be featured in The Bourne Legacy – ’cause longtime-series-screenwriter-director-for-this-one Tony Gilroy is “building a legend and an environment and a wider conspiracy…the world we’re making enhances and advances and invites Jason Bourne’s return [down the road]” – but he may pop on your TV live this week.

Nope, not on SNL, but on Thursday’s live episode of 30 Rock, which will feature
Jon Hamm and Cheyenne Jackson.

Score for the TV side.

Photo: Details.com.

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