Thursday, October 14, 2010

Already Want to Love You, RiRi

OK, before I tell you about Rihanna’s new video – oops! – I gotta tell you I think her Rated R (her last, darker, post-Chris Brown album) was woefully underrated.

Now, with that out of my system, let’s move on to what people are calling a return to form of sorts, her new single “Only Girl (In the World),” a track that’s fun and radiant and, yes, oh-so-Rihanna.

The video “looks so unreal,” she said. “It looks fake, like something out of a postcard…. [It] just shows this big landscape and the only person there is me.”

And a world of only RiRi all the time would be a fine world by me.

Rihanna’s new album, Loud, will be released on Nov. 12.


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