Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well, This Is Aspirational

Madonna gets a lot of s--- for her beyond-ripped body and for the way she flaunts it (mostly on stage, mind you).

So – and this is a move that the haters will love but won’t admit they do – M has decided she’s launching a chain of global gyms called Hard Candy Fitness in partnership with the same folks behind 24 Hour Fitness.

How do you like them guns?

The facilities reportedly will combine fashion (Material Girl?), fitness, and entertainment for a very special Madonna-approved experience.

The first Hard Candy Fitness will open up in Mexico City next month, and there are plans to open 10 more locations throughout the world...but there’s no ETA on an American outpost, though.

Photo: BoyCulture.typepad.com.

Update: Cute logo, Madonna!

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