Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Model Behavior

So last weekend, after the Victoria’s Secret fashion show at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, I’m sitting at the Blue Bar inside the hotel when I turn around and spot runway stunners Carmen Kass (pictured at right) and Isabeli Fontana.

I saw Kass head to the bar from her table, so I pulled it together and walked over to tell her I thought she was hot in the show.

She’s a model! They’re supposed to like that kind of thing!

So I was like, “You were great…not in it enough…you have the best walk….”

And she just looks at me, Estonian cold in her eyes.

So I even though I recognized this I continued, “I’d toast you [Kass had a drink in her hand], but I left my drink at my table – and I’d challenge you to a game of chess since I understand you’re like, a chess champion.”

The Blue Bar got even colder. I felt like I was in my lingerie.

Finally, she said, “Why do you say that? You’ve been reading too much of that Internet bulls---.”

I could only offer a shocked “Not at all. I saw you say so on Fashion File or something. But if it’s not true, then you have to agree that you have the best walk in the business, the best crisscross.”

That I can agree with,” she said bitchingly.

And that’s how Carmen Kass chewed me out.

Who says supermodels don’t eat!


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Alex said...

SNAP! You called the bitch out!