Thursday, November 27, 2008

At Least I Can Say I Did What I Wanted to Do

I saw Madonna last night, and although she was a full two-and-a-half hours late, M did not disappoint.

My seat was literally against the wall high up at Dolphin Stadium, and it was quite the nippy night, but I had sooo much more fun that you.

Timbaland came out to perform “4 Minutes,” which got the “motherf---ers” around my section out of their feet, and Pharrell joined the queen during “Give It 2 Me” – the Rave section definitely was the crowd-pleaser (the request song was “Material Girl”).

The standouts of the show were “Miles Away,” natch, “You Must Love Me” (during which she smiled and winked at Alex Rodriguez, who was sitting right off the end of the stage on the floor), and “Like a Prayer.”

But I don’t like to play favorites.

I barely have a voice left this morning, but I’ll say something M didn’t last night:

Happy Thanksgiving!


Update: Hey, Madonna, a word.

I heart you, and I know that you’ve got a lot more in ya – and I’m not talking about your lovers. But if I may suggest something: Go away.

Take a break.


Let us miss you.

Be a mom to your almost-teenaged girl and your two sons.

And call Chris Martin. That’s someone who can help you tap into something new, mine this situation through which your going for songwriting gold.

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Alex said...

Don't you ever, ever, ever tell stop!