Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Men Who Lost All Hope
In the upcoming The Ledge, Charlie Hunnam (pictured here with Liv Tyler) and Patrick Wilson play two men teetering on the verge of change.

One is a man without fate, while the other is a righteous, vengeful man. Their paths have crossed because they both love the same woman, and now the latter is forcing the former to take the ultimate leap or else.

There’s plenty of intrigue to go around in this romantic thriller check out the trailer and tell me otherwise so it is up to Terrence Howard to figure it all out for us.

You can see how it all works out when The Ledge becomes available On Demand on May 25 and then opens in theaters later in the summer (it’s a new business model that’s yielding some nice results for the powers that be that dare to go with it, FYI, so don’t poo-poo the movie because of it).


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