Monday, August 23, 2010

Teenage Dream-y Guy

I’ve been tweeting Katy Perry asking her to tell us who the guy in her “
Teenage Dream” video is, and now… has answered my question.

The tall, lean, I-want-to-uhh-hang-out-with-him machine is the multi-hyphenating
Josh Kloss, an actor-musician-rippedmodel who appeared on The O.C., and wrote, directed, and produced a short titled Switch and Hedges.

But what to what’s really important: Kloss’ abs.

OK, so the guy says he doesn’t slave himself at the gym (yeah, right).

“Just like everyone else, I wish I had a committed routine,” he would like us to believe, “but life and spare time are unpredictable. I really just try to eat wise proportions.”

Uh huh.

“And when I do work out, I train like it’s the last time I’ll get a chance!”

Now, that I can buy.


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