Sunday, July 27, 2014


Space Station 76, the offbeat retro-futuristic movie that at long last puts Matt Bomer and Patrick Wilson on screen together (alas, not together – wink, wink) is finally ready to be seen.

Directed by Jack Plotnick (he played the evil mayor’s gofer during the third season of TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer), the movie is a decidedly independent comedic drama about the denizens of Omega 76, an oh-so-groovy space station.

Wilson – who has to drop out of the long-gestating Ant-Man because of a scheduling conflict – plays the station’s captain, a man’s man who likes to drink...and can’t quite get a handle on his new second-in-command being a woman (Liv Tyler), while Bomer plays an obviously handsome man with a mechanical ( about retro!) hand who becomes a third of a love triangle involving the station’s bustiest of blondes and the new raven-haired arrival.

Check out the trailer now. And keep an eye out for Space Station 76 later this summer/this fall. It’s supposed to get a multi-platform release...soon.


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