Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fighting On

There was nothing about sequels in the rulebook – so Fight Club is getting a follow-up.

But, it’ll be a while before Brad Pitt flexes his world-famous six-pack as Tyler Durden on screen again (if he ever does): The upcoming Fight Club sequel is coming out in comic-book form first.

Author Chuck Palahniuk has announced that Fight Club 2 is, indeed, very much in the pipeline, and that it will debut as a 10-issue Dark Horse title early next summer.

The sequel will center on the unnamed Narrator we met as embodied by Edward Norton’s in David Fincher’s 1999 cult classic, and he will be 10 years older, and the husband to Marla Singer and the father to a 9-year-old named Junior.

And, yes...Durden definitely will be part of the story. So, perhaps, Fincher, Pitt, Norton & Co. can stage a reunion for, say, 2017?


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