Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Putting on the Bunny Ears

Lindsay Lohan has scored Playboy
...or is it really the other way around?

The once-It Girl reportedly has inked a deal worth almost a cool mill to bare it all for Hugh Hefners magazine (many, many troubled years after she was first courted and worth the fantasy).

I thought I smelled desperation in the air....

Once upon a time this woulda been a major get – I mean, L2 was scorchin’ cute-hot six years ago, but now, now that she’s fallen on hard times with the law at so many turns, and her looks have either roughen up because of her lifestyle, or unnecessary work (you can’t tell me those are her original lips), a Playboy spread just doesn’t sound sexy.

Plus, it kinda sorta makes the magazine look like its taken advantage of a fallen mighty who, had she made smarter, healthier, better choices, would never have agreed to go nude for its pages.

Well...at least it’s not Hustler.

Photo: Examiner.com.

Update: I think I have figured out what else bothered me about this news: how lazy it was for Camp Lohan to go for it...and how nonchalant they are being about it, like it is a Hail Mary.

Linds has an image problem right now...has had one for a bit and a half. She is perceived as not being serious about her work and her career.

I think it would have gone a longer way for her to, say, do Dancing with the Stars than to take her clothes off.

At least that show requires she put her back into it, not just arch it, you know.

F---ing Dina Lohan....

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