Thursday, October 06, 2011

Your Evilness

Behold the first image of Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen i
n the as-yet-untitled Snow white movie o.k.a. Brothers Grimm: Snow White.

Lily Collins, you better get ready because your stepmomma looks wicked.

“She’s the cat that ate the canary,” director Tarsem Singh said of Roberts’ character. “From serial killers to anyone who does anyone who evil deeds, they basically have a devil-made-me-do-it excuse, or they hear voices. I decided for [her] this is going to be a person who sees her [good] self – but there’s a mirror personality.

And what can we expect of the Evil Queen, who is said to be a two-faced bitch in the movie.

“She outsources her evil. She’s a person who would just do all the evil she needs to do to stay in power."

Collins’ raven-haired better bring it if she wants to overthrow her (with the help of Armie Hammer’s princely character, btw).

Look for this movie to arrive in theaters next March, and click here to see more photos from the production.


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