Thursday, December 08, 2011

El Hermano

That Santana (Naya Rivera) on TV
’s Glee sure has a star-studded family.

Not only are the show’s powers that be courting Gloria Estefan to play her mom (oh, I think they already got her), they also want Pitbull to play her older brother.

Miami in the house representin!

Btw, Ricky Martin was originally supposed to appear on the same episode as Estefan (and now Mr. Worldwide, too), but the Puerto Rican hot dish will get his own ep in January, while his Latino counterparts will be featured later in the winter.

And, on a related note, producers will be casting Rachel’s (Lea Michele) previously unseen gay dads pretty soon.

So exciting, especially because in my head I picture Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig who looked so good playing opposite each other on Broadway, in A Steady Rain in those roles.


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