Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Donald Trump Is America’s President-Elect Now

In the tightest, most stressful and divisive of races, America elected reality-TV star-turned-populist politician Donald Trump as its 45th president tonight. Secretary Hillary Clinton called the man a few minutes ago and conceded the race.

For real.

Time to get to work, people. Mike Pence is our new VP.

While I congratulate the Republicans on their win, and the Trumps and the Pences, I hereby pledge to stand up to any – any – shenanigans, you hear, President-Elect Trump. I will fight for liberty and equality for all. I will not take any notion of abuse lightly, and I will work against it and I will let you know it.

You have big shoes to fill, Donald Trump. Bigly.

Don’t ruin us.

Photo: CNN.com.

Update 1: What did you think of the first speech delivered by President-Elect Trump, an acceptance of the presidency of the United States given late on Nov. 8? I thought it was conciliatory, and I am happy to move away from division as encouraged. I trust he, too, is serious about that piece of business.

Update 2: And now, for the concession speech from Hillary Clinton, delivered before noon on Nov. 9....

With her remarks, the trailblazing Clinton asked that we keep an open mind to President-Elect Trump, and that we fight for what we believe is right and for that which we hold dear.

Are you ready? Are you going to fight for what you believe in?

Good. Because I am.

Update 3: To the Clinton supporters I say quit licking your wounds and wallowing in guilt (that you did not do more) and shock. Completely unnecessary.

What we must do is acknowledge the writing was on the wall all along – it was there in red (it was unmissable). Half this country supported Donald Trump for a reason. I personally failed that side, which I saw and recognized and on whose behalf I barely spoke up. Guilty as charged: I got caught up in the rhetoric, in a desire to make herstory and reassure myself and others that we go high when others go low. I was swept up in my own disdain. And I placed way to much trust in the status quo, which now will go unchallenged in the manner I planned to (time to revise that course of action).

President-Elect Trump ran with scissors – but he did ask us for guidance on Nov. 9. I plan on giving it to him, on reaching out to his supporters. On being the change I want to see in the world. Because I have gotten over his win. You should as well. Fast.

Perhaps, he means it. Maybe, he does want to make us great again.

I know...that is so kinda so Pollyanna. But, to be fair, our priorities, my priorities have been whack as of late. We can and should be doing better – all of us.

We have not. Racism and sexism and xenophobia are real. Black people, black men are incarcerated en masse and shot down with impunity. Women make less money and their health is under siege. Immigrants like myself are vilified. Guns will go unchecked. We know it now. Also real are economic struggle and the feeling that the walls are closing in on ya.

Barack Obama ran on hope, and for many, hope delivered. For countless others yet, it did not.

Hillary Clinton posited that we are stronger together. For sure, we are.

So let us all come together now. Less iLife, more weLife.

That is how we will keep America great.