Friday, November 04, 2016

Country Fans Need a Beyoncé Lesson

See? No reason to get all ridikolous, country fans: Collaboration is good.

That’s precisely what the Dixie Chicks did with Beyoncé – work together to create something beautiful – when Queen B joined em on stage a couple of nights ago at the Country Music Awards for a very special and badass performance of the LEMONADE maker’s Daddy Lessons,” which you can listen to and download for free here.

Evidently, a great backlash (with some disappointing and ugly racial undertones) met the collaboration (and even Beyoncé’s mere presence at the show), which is silly because country music is for all and of all. I believe that LEMONADE is absolutely a country album, much more than the click-bait-y confessional the media and some people made it out to be, and I think that we can all agree Beyoncé’s pretty f---in’ amazing, so I don’t get how anything bad could be said about this collab. But folks will surprise.

We have so many pressing matters to worry about these days, pettiness ought to fall to the bottom of the list, knowwhatImean?

Let’s get it together, America.

We really are and will continue to be stronger and better and funner together.


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