Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Manning the Machine

Emmy nominee Darren Criss sure is pluggin away.

The erstwhile curly haired heartthrob of TV’s Glee has been glittering away as Hedwig on Broadway and beyond – I saw him in San Francisco last month, and lemme tell ya...the kid can work dem platform heels! – and, now, he’s getting back into the TV-meets-music game.

Criss is going to co-executive produce a new workplace comedy titled Royalties for Fox.

The show will revolve around the unseen and unsung heroes behind the pop stars we know and love – or, at least, the fictional version of some of ’em. Y’ know, the writers and producers and marketing people. The machine behind the talent.

Our way in as viewers will be the one-hit wonder who gets all prodigal and returns to the company in order to score a big hit once again.

Photo: SFGate.com.