Thursday, March 08, 2012

Revenge in Detroit

Jake Gyllenhall’s gonna rule the Motor City

The actor is in talks to replace Dominic Cooper (who left the project due a schedule conflict with another movie) in this Albert Hughes-directed thriller about an ex-con who was framed and sent to the big house by a drug trafficker and is now set on getting his revenge.

Gary Oldman is already on board, I guess as the bad guy who did the antihero wrong, as is Amber Heard, I presume, as the woman he still loves.

Good-looking, talented cast....

Production is set to get underway in May in Berlin, btw, so book your tickets now if you wanna get a look-see at the Gyllen-yum.


Update: Grr, not so fast.

It seems scheduling conflicts will keep Jakey-bear from this one, too.

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