Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not a Million Dollar Man

Kiefer Sutherland is worth more than $1 million, thankyouverymuch.

The actor reportedly has balked at such a payday to star, at last, in a 24 movie, thus putting the project on indefinite hiatus until everyone can see eye to eye on this particular issue.

Granted, other budgetary issues are also in flux, but no Sutherland means no Jack Bauer....

While I’m in no hurry for Sutherland to reprise his signature role (I couldn’t tell you what happened on 24 the last two seasons if my life depended on it), I would really hate to see a trigger-happy studio replace the guy.

There’s only one Jack Bauer, and if everyone has waited this long to get the story right, then they totally can back up the money truck to the actor’s house and get him on board (damn it, he’s worth it).


Update: Click here for more talk on this non-starter.

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Hal Peat said...

I wound up liking "24" as much for some of the ongoing supporting cast as Kiefer. Also, some of the seasonal lead characters - the crazy first lady married to the first black president sticks in my mind. So if you're saying that Kiefer's a little bit too much of a legend in his own mind, maybe. Although I like him and his performance in his new Fox series, the one where he has the kid that won't speak.