Monday, June 02, 2008

Because They Still Rule My World

Last night, Coldplay performed the title track of their new album Viva La Vida at the MTV Movie Awards, and whaddya know if the boys from Britain didn’t get me fired up.

I’ve begun to make peace with the fact that the band won’t bring their “Viva La Vida Tour” to Miami, but I’m thinking I definitely should hit the road and catch them somewhere else this summer.

Mmm…a quick getaway to Washington, D.C., or Chicago sounds like fun. I’ve never been to either city.

Oh, and in case you’re curious about who won buckets of Golden Popcorn (Transformers, Johnny Depp, Ellen Page), click here.


Update: I knew it! A closer look at the Coldplay Web site has revealed that the band will be coming to Miami on Nov. 8 – two days after my birthday, thank you very much.

Coldplay and Madonna in the same month: I’m sorry, but it’s just too good.

I wonder why outlets such as Rolling Stone left that information out of their reports, though. They made me shiver, and not in the good, Coldplay-song sort of way.

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Lindsay said...

madonna AND coldplay - it's like november!