Friday, December 19, 2008

Lipstick Lesbians

My pals over at New York-based Three Custom Color Specialists and Showtime have teamed up to promote the upcoming sixth and final season of The L Word, premiering on Jan. 18.

Three Custom Color has created a gorgeous new collection of $20 lipsticks inspired by the show’s most popular, sexy, and iconic characters – so get your Alice, Bette, Kit, or Shane and pucker up. The lipsticks will go one sale one the TCC and Showtime Web sites at exactly 8:59 p.m., right before The L Word’s season premiere.

Oh, and throughout this month, fans can compete in an online contest to think up the best tagline for each shade. Winners will be announced on air and online on Jan 18, and will receive a deluxe prize package featuring an array of gifts from The L Word and Showtime, all four shades of The L Word Sheer Lipstick Collection, and a $300 gift certificate redeemable on the TCC Web site.

So grab a pen, a plum – heck, grab a lip liner and get writing!

Photo: Three Custom Color Specialists.

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