Friday, July 21, 2006

You Just Wait and See How Much Fun She’s Going to Be

Madonna will be performing the last two American nights of her “Confessions Tour” at the American Airlines Arena this weekend. I. Cannot. Wait.

Fittingly, I have a confession: I have been checking out the fan postings on YouTube, so I know what to expect – horses, a crucifixion, and lots of disco! I know the set list, I know where she spends a great deal of time on stage, and I know she turns it up.

So why would I spend lotsa de casha to see the Queen of Pop?

Well, if catching not one but three shows of her “Re-Invention Tour” (the first time I ever saw her live) a couple of years ago taught me anything, it is that Madonna is well worth it.

Not that I didn’t have a qualm or two about this tour. But making people think, especially her fans, is Madonna’s wont – and I love, love, love her for it.

So that’s what I’m doing this weekend: dancing and singing (so don’t even think to ask me to sit down) and having a blast.


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