Monday, October 20, 2014

R.I.P. Mr. de la Renta

It’s the end of an era: Oscar de la Renta has died.

The Dominican-born fashion designer – a beyond-elegant favorite of many a Hollywood star (seriously) and first lady – was 82. He passed away at his home in Kent, Conn.

He reportedly was diagnosed with cancer back in 2006.


Update 1: As expected, folks have begun expressing their sadness over the loss of de la Renta.

Anna Wintour, for one, remembered the designer’s “tireless” selflessness via, noting that, “Oscar was everything you could want a friend to be," not to mention happy to surround himself with people from all walks of life, giving, and, of course, extremely talented.

Meanwhile, the likes of Taylor Swift, Gloria Estefan, and Jamie Lee Curtis, among others, also have gone ahead and shared with the world how they felt about the designer, via social media.

Update 2: In a statement released on Oct. 21, Sarah Jessica Parker said that, “Knowing that sadly none of us will have more time with the beloved and resplendent Oscar de la Renta only enhances my exuberant appreciation of the time he gave, the talent he shared, and the friendship he allowed."

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