Thursday, October 23, 2014

May-December Obsession

Bait-and-switch Alert!

So I finally caught the trailer for Jennifer Lopezs upcoming big-screen effort, The Boy Next Door, yesterday, and I was rather surprised to find out it is so not a rom-com.

Far from it.

This in spite of featuring up-and-comer Ryan GuzmanSex and the City’s John Corbett – Aidan! – and Kristin Chenoweth.

Sure, La Lopez plays a (hot) teacher on the rebound from a recent divorce (hey, John Corbett, hey)...a comely, generally happy-go-lucky-seeming woman with a good friend in La Cheno’s character – but that’s as far as the rom-com-ish stuff goes.

The younger man with whom she ends up having a one-nighter (Guzman)? He turns out to be a freak. A dangerous one who will not let go.

Check out the trailer for the Fatal Attraction-esque The Boy Next Door, which is set to open on Jan. 23.


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