Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Welcome to La Bare

We all know Joe Manganiello does God’s work with that body of his, which he has been called upon to showing off sharing time and time again, casually and officially.

But now the Manga-beast is turning the spotlight onto someone else: the men of La Bare Dallas, in the aptly titled La Bare, an upcoming documentary that serves as his popping of his behind-the-camera cherry.

La Bare centers around the meat and boners of the titular strip club, an institution that’s been frequented by horny women since it opened in 1978.

Here’s the red-band trailer (ya welcome):

Looks like the man o.k.a. Big Dick Richie did right for his directorial debut, huh. Clever subject matter, anyway.

La Bare is due out on June 27.

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