Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sounds Like Ken Will Strip Again

So Normal Heart standout Matt Bomer was on Ellen earlier this week and, of course, the talk quickly moved on from his buzzed-for-an-Emmy work on the must-watch HBO film to...Magic Mike XXL, the similarly must-y upcoming sequel to, Magic Mike, Channing Tatum’s crowd-pleasing 2012 panty-dropper blockbuster.

Which Bomer all but confirmed, without a crotch shadow of a doubt, that he will be a part of!

Further, Bomer even revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that the July 2015 follow-up will be “a road-trip film that leads to a stripper convention,” thus confirming that which evidently Tatum himself had recently shared with GQ about the project.

Sounds like good, rowdy fun.

And like, perhaps, his Ken character will have more to do, say, and strip for, please dear God?


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