Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oy, Macklemore...

So...looks like the Macklemore half of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis really stepped in it last weekend, huh.

Evidently, Macklemore puts on a costume during the Grammy-winning rap duo’s concerts, and on May 26, for a surprise show at the EMP Museum in Seattle, his get-up was kinda Jewish. In the wrong way.

Yeah, the guy wore an oversized fake nose, a black wig, and a black beard, and it all came off a little stereotype-y.

Controversy, natch, has ensued.

Of course, Macklemore has apologized and explained his actual intent with his costume, but...he better get ready to be guilted about it some more.

At least until someone else does something else that is scandalous.

Until then: #getamirrordude and #think.


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